Tyler "T-BONE the BLACK GORILLA" Kraiss

Tyler (aka T-bone the Black Gorilla) has been tattooing since 2012. He started his apprenticeship in Madison, Wisconsin and shortly thereafter moved back to Chicago where he has worked ever since. 

Tyler has an appreciation for all types of art and enjoys using different mediums to help with the creative process. In college, he focused on printmaking, graphic design and fine art. When he’s not tattooing, he will most likely be drawing or painting. 

His favorite styles to tattoo (but not limited to) are Japanese, Psychedelic, Traditional, Art Nouveau, Nature, Esoteric/Spiritual themes and Henna patterns.

In his free time, you can find him in the kitchen cooking up plant-based meals and making raw desserts. He also enjoys hiking, camping & exploring the beauty of nature, visiting with animals and hanging with his partner, Michelle. 

To check out Tyler’s work, you can find him on IG @TbonetheBlackGorilla or stop in the shop and say hello!

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4835 N. Elston Ave. Chicago, IL. 60630
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(773) 481-1108