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Kelsey Ramirez


Ramirez has been tattooing for 5 years and counting. However, she has been an artist since she was a kid. She’s a huge lover of huge multi-session tattoos as much as small-scale pieces. She considers herself to be a custom tattoo artist as she deeply enjoys getting to know her clients to bring in their personality and history into each tattoo.

She's fond of tattooing most styles for example. American traditional, watercolor, portraits/animal portraits, floral, color realism, blackouts, Chicano, dark art, black and grey, and especially cover-ups!

Although she’s very well-rounded, Ramirez has been focusing on Aztec or prehistoric tattoos, as she has a deep connection to her culture. 

Ramirez is dedicated and lives for the sacred art of Tattooing. Reach out to her for something as small a dot or for a well-composed, complex sleeve or backpiece!

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